UK Association of Christian Economists
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  • ACE aims to promote discussion and research on economics and related topics, from a distinctively Christian perspective.

  • Most ACE members are practicing economists, although others interested in its agenda are welcome.

  • Membership is open to all Christians, subscribing to the ancient creeds, who wish to study economic theory and its application, from within a specifically Christian worldview.

  • In addition to the ACE Journal, the Associationís activities include an annual study group conference.

  • ACE is affiliated with similar groups in other parts of the world.

In North America a similar Association, also called the Association of Christian Economists, has been promoting work on Economics and Christian faith since 1982. ACE North America publishes a bulletin, Faith and Economics, twice a year and sponsors regular sessions of Economics and Christian belief at the annual American Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) meetings. Click here to visit their home page.




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